Isagenix Healthy Maintenance Program

What is the Isagenix Healthy Maintenance Program?

Once you have given your body a thorough initial cleansing and reached an ideal weight through Isagenix nutritional programs and products, you will want to maintain your new, healthy state.

Enter the Isagenix Healthy Maintenance Program.

Through a wonderfully simple system of alternating delicious IsaLean Shakes, our nutritionally complete meal replacement, with regular deep body cleansings from our exclusive cleanse products; you will maintain the strength and vitality you have gained.

It’s that simple.

Plus, this pak also gives you products that boost your metabolism and supply vital nutrients to your body in order to ensure lasting health.

The components of this pak work in synergy with one another to deliver real results and allow you to maintain your health. Isagenix is not a fad, a gimmick, or a lose-weight-quick diet plan.

Isagenix is a lifestyle and provides a solution to society’s general malnutrition pattern—too much food, too few nutrients.

The mission set forth by Isagenix has never wavered. We want to supply you premier nutritional products that improve your health—and your life.

You can count on the Healthy Maintenance Program from Isagenix to keep your body clean, lean, and in optimal condition. Try it once, and you will want to keep it for life. You can purchase Isagenics from Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne and almost anywhere in Australia including Tasmania and New Zealand. Buy order or purchase online. Too easy

Retail Price: $313.50

Sign Up and Save Price: $226.60 (+ $25 Signup Fee – Save $61.90!)

Isagenix Healthy Maintenance Program Contains:

Additional Benefits of the Isagenix Healthy Maintenance Program:

  • All Isagenix products are covered by a 30 day money back guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with your Isagenix Healthy Maintenance Program, send it back to Isagenix for a refund!
  • Sign up to the the Autoship program to become eligible to make money from Isagenix (optional), have access to the cheapest wholesale prices year round and get your Isagenix program delivered straight to your door every month.

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