Isagenix FAQs

These are common questions about the Isagenix products and income opportunities with Isagenix. Contact us for any further questions you have.
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Isagenix Basics

Q. What is Isagenix Australia?

A. Isagenix products are designed to feed and cleanse the body. There are a range of options for weight loss, improved results in the gym, healthy ageing and more.

Q. How does Isagenix work?

A. It cleanses the entire body, providing minerals and vitamins that most people cannot get from fast foods and today’s diets.

Q. Why is Isagenix different?

A. Isagenix is based around nutritional cleansing rather than purely a calorie deficit diet. As such, it cleanses and nourishes your body while providing additional health benefits.

Buy Isagenix

Q. What if I am not satisfied with Isagenix?

A. Isagenix is covered by a product money back guarantee in the first 30 days. If you are not satisfied with your order, Isagenix will provide a refund.

Q. What does it cost to buy Isagenix?

A. The full range of products can be viewed here.

Your Family and Isagenix

Q. Are your products safe for children?

A. Most products are suitable for children, however please refer to the Isagenix Allergen and Age Chart before purchasing for those under the age of 18.

The Isagenix Program

Q. How does the 30 Day System work?

A. You have shake days and deep cleanse days. On shake days you have a shake for breakfast and dinner, and a healthy lunch of your choosing. On cleanse days you consume the aloe vera based Cleanse for Life 4 times daily (plus additional snacks and vitamins). A common week is 6 shake days and a cleanse day. However, there are variations if you wish to lose more/less weight.

Health Questions

Q. What about Isagenix with prescription medications?

A. Always consult your GP before beginning a new health plan.

Q. Should I buy Isagenix if I am pregnant?

A. Shakes and snacks are OK for pregnant or breastfeeding women. However, cleansing products are not. Consult your GP before beginning Isagenix.


Q. How do I start an Isagenix business?

A. Simply sign up to Isagenix on the autoship program, order over $180 worth of products a month, and we will help you begin! All new customers receive a welcome pack and additional info to start their Isagenix business (should you want to – this aspect of Isagenix is 100% optional).