Isagenix Ionix Supreme

What is the Isagenix Ionix Supreme?

Ionix SupremeIsagenix—and nature—have an answer to stress. That answer is Ionix Supreme.

Nature supplies vitamins, minerals, and plant-based compounds that combat stress-related weakness and fatigue. Isagenix puts all of these together in one powerful formula called Ionix Supreme.

Available as liquid or powder, and also as individual powder packets for on-the-go supplementation wherever you are, Ionix Supreme is perfect for powering endurance and helping you perform better.

Ionix Supreme is an important part of the overall Isagenix mission: To improve your health and make your life better.

• Reduces fatigue and promotes physical energy and mental clarity and focus
• Rich in adaptogens, plant-based compounds that stabilize body processes
• Combats premature aging by fighting free radicals
• Feeds cells for increased energy, faster recovery, and better overall health

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  • Natural Fruit Flavour Liquid
  • Natural Fruit Flavour Powder


  • Ionix Supreme – Liquid
  • Ionix Supreme – Powder

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