Isagenix IsaFlush

What is the Isagenix IsaFlush?

IsaFlushA key component to all Isagenix nutritional programs, IsaFlush promotes better overall health by promoting a balanced, regular digestive system. When your body eliminates waste properly, nutrients can be absorbed more efficiently, you lose weight, and you just feel better.

Think of IsaFlush as a way to restart your system so that it works smoother, quicker, and easier.

Herbs known for their cleansing properties combine with a healthy dose of magnesium (200 milligrams, to be exact) to get you on the road to a steady, healthy weight and improved overall wellness.

When used as directed as part of a complete Isagenix nutritional program, IsaFlush effectively tones and regulates your digestive system to create an environment of health and wellness throughout your body.

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