3 Isagenix Products You May Not Have Considered

Isagenix – More Than Weight Loss

Isagenix has built a stellar reputation throughout the health food world for its nutritional cleanses and weight loss shakes. But did you know Isagenix offers a myriad of other products to address a variety of health issues? Isagenix is not just a weight loss company! Here are three Isagenix products that you may not have considered that could benefit your health and wellness:

Isagenix FibreSnacks

Fibre SnacksMaintaining the regularity and health of your digestive system is an important aspect of a healthy life. Isagenix FibreSnacks help you achieve this goal by providing 24% of your daily-recommended allowance of fibre in addition to 6 grams of protein. Like all Isagenix products, FibreSnacks have been created without unnecessary ingredients or additives; these snacks are free from gluten and artificial colourings. You’ll look forward to your daily Peanut Chocolate Chew bar!


Isagenix e+ Shots

Isagenix EshotsThese power-packed shots are the most popular item among our clientele of high-performance athletes. Loaded with natural caffeine sources like green tea and yerba mate, each Isagenix E-shot is designed to get you through even the most intense workout. Without any artificial colours or flavours, these e+ Shots provide an amazing boost of energy in only 35 calories – no unnecessary sugars or fats! Give them a try and see how they make your workouts a breeze.



Isagenix IsaFlushIn addition to FibreSnacks, Isagenix helps to promote digestive health with IsaFlush. IsaFlush is a daily supplement that provides a generous dose of herbs and magnesium to encourage an efficient digestive system. If you struggle at all with regularity, IsaFlush will make your internal conditions ideal for healthy and natural digestion. Proper digestion is a basic element of several important processes in your body; don’t let irregularity keep you from achieving your health goals! One capsule of IsaFlush each day will set you up for success.